Conformation (Ch)

  • We offer Conformation Classes to help prepare you and dog for competition in the BREED RING. Our conformation classes run weekly, on Tuesday nights.
  • Junior Handlers can also learn how to present their partner for competition in our Junior Showmanship Classes.

Obedience (CD)

  • Learn how make your dog do what you want, and then show off the fact!
  • The AKC and the Jefferson County Kennel Club encourages all dog owners to teach their dogs the basic commands necessary to make them excellent companions: heeling on lead, come, sit and stay.
  • It is a sad act that most dogs, purebred and mixed breeds, end their days in animal shelters and pounds because their owners would not take the time to train them to be obedient pets. Just ask any shelter employee what are the reasons most people abandon their pets and you will most likely hear such comments as "he barks all the time", "I can't get her housebroken", etc. In many cases, these problems could be remedied with proper instructions and training.
  • We are offer Obedience training classes. There are also a number of trainers who provide classes and private lessons. While most owners attend weekly classes to instruct their dog in proper behavior, other owners continue with their training to compete in the OBEDIENCE RING.

Canine Good Citizen (CGC)

  • The AKC's Canine Good Citizen program goes a step farther, teaching dogs appropriate behaviors for being at home, in public areas, and in the presence of other dogs. Canine Good Citizen training not only is fun and useful, but it can assure that our beloved dogs will always be welcome members of our community.
  • The Jefferson Count Kennel Club may also be hosting training classes from time to time in preparation for the Canine Good Citizen testing.



  • In our St Louis area, dog owners can also find assistance in training their pets to compete in AGILITY, FLY BALL COMPETITION, TRACKING EVENTS, FIELD TRIALS (for various hunting breeds), LURE COURSING (for the sight hounds) plus many other competition activities.
  • Animal Assisted Therapy visitations are also a wonderful way for a pet owner to share a "canine activity" with their well trained dog.

Their are many opportunities for dog owners to find an activity that is appealing to them as well as to their dog. We hope that you will get out their, find an activity and have FUN WITH YOUR DOG!!

If you are interested in participating in any type of training classes go to our training classes page or Contact Us for more information.